I didn’t remember what happened before when it all went dark, I think I was in a car. All I can recall was the loud noise of metal then nothing.

I woke up in this beeping place , I wasn’t sure where I am because I couldn’t seem to open my eyes, I could feel the blanket on top of me and the ‘beep beep’ beside me but I couldn’t open my eyes or talk or even move.

People came to poke me every now and then , I tried to tell them, ” can someone tell me what is happening to my eyes, I can’t open them”, I tried to say but my vocal chords didn’t seem to collaborate, ” I guess I will sleep and wait”. These people seem to know what they were doing, they poke in the same place every time with a sharp thing with no name. They don’t say much all they do; come poke, sigh and go .

Someone opened my eye and held a flashlight over it, it hurts but I couldn’t tell them to stop. I felt my eyeball had got stuck on my eyelids. It just felt good when it was dark.

Someone had been holding my hand , reading me stories , I tried to tell them I have read them all but I couldn’t, they were holding my hand sometimes and just sit beside me and the beep beep. I think it was my mom, she crying. I wanted to make her happy and not sad though something was definitely wrong with my arms because I couldn’t hug her better.

Some people came to the room while mom was crying and said that she should leave, I didn’t recognize their voices and I didn’t want mum to go, I was scared, she cried out loud and said no he is still there , I wanted to shout ” of course am here where have I gone”, everyone left .

Mum came back later sniffing and started crying a bit louder and louder until she was almost screaming. And she hit me right in my face, I couldn’t tell what I had done wrong but she hit me again and again, I couldn’t say sorry , cry or stop her but only lie there until the men came and took her away. Two of them were mumbling, I couldn’t make out what they were saying until I quoted the word ‘coma’ .
I wanted to scream, jump out and slap him in the mouth but I couldn’t say stop, am here I can hear you don’t do this. Nothing I could only sit there while they poked me with a sharp thing.

The beep beep beep turned into beeep beeeeep and I felt tired , I wanted to ask what they were doing
or they thought it would help to slow the beeping down, but I couldn’t, I was screaming on top of my lungs but I wasn’t moving , I don’t want to die, faint away . I need to hug my mum and tell her everything is ok, tell her am fine but I don’t think I will get the chance now, beep beeeep beeeeeeep beeeeee………, silence

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